“The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.” ~ Mary Davis

As we head towards the end of the year, there are many words of thanks HERD has to offer for all the support we’ve received in the past few months! HERD is a registered PBO and relies on public funding to support and protect the elephant orphans and herd in our care. Each month we incur huge operational costs including electricity and water bills, milk formula, elephant feed, hay, nutritional supplements, veterinary check-up bills, lab tests, medical supplies, Elephant Carer salaries, and more. Your help is essential is helping us give the herd and future orphans the best chance at survival and wellbeing

From partners to donors to fosters and friends, every member of our extended HERD family makes what we do possible. People have truly gone above and beyond and shown the kind of love and compassion that has the power to change lives. During an especially difficult year for many, our supporters and our dedicated team have kept us (and the elephants) going and growing!

In honour of our friends in the US celebrating Thanksgiving today, we wanted to share our sincerest thanks to recent and ongoing donors below. We are truly grateful for your friendship and support!

Ongoing Ele Champions

Thank you, as always, to Kristin Sarkar at ELEPHANT ALLIES for your continued contributions and friendship.

Thank you to Ian Swain at OUR SEVEN WORLDS for your ongoing monthly financial contributions and for always being so happy to lend a helping hand to our team.

Thank you to Rowena Putter from BOUNDLESS AFRICA SAFARIS for your amazing ongoing support.

Essential Daily Operations

Many thanks to SSEMTHEMBU MEDICAL for sponsoring a variety of medical equipment.

A big thank you to LETABA WIRELESS for keeping us connected!

Many thanks to HALIMAH HAQQ for donating a pressure washer to help keep the orphanage nice and clean.

Special Projects

A massive thank you to all those who donated to the HERD ELEPHANT LAND PROJECT PHASE 2. Your support is so appreciated!

A big word of thanks goes to the caring crafters at WARRIORS FOR AFRICA’S WILDLIFE for their generous donation of Little Mhambi toys to sell on behalf of HERD.

Thank you so much to IZINDLOVU FUND for the drone donated to help HERD monitor land impact in the area!

Many thanks to OLIVIA CRUZ for the exceptionally kind birthday gift sent to Khanyisa, all the way from Spain!

Full Tummies and Warm Bodies

Many thanks to SOLEIL SITRUS for their donations of butternuts, gem squash, and oranges.

Thank you to MORGAN CREEK HOLDINGS for their donation of 50 bales of teff for the elephants.

A big thank you to REDELINGHUYS PAKHUIS for the truckload of naartjies and the oranges sent for the elephants to enjoy.

Thank you to AMBROSIA for the donation of delicious oranges.

Trunkfuls of thanks go to BRENDA MCMANUS for Khanyisa’s comfy new blanket.

And thank you to the wonderful RUTH CARR who also donated a beautiful blanket to Khanyisa.

Philanthropic Creatives

Thank you to LIZA TIVEY for donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of your beautiful scarves to HERD.

Cause Marketing and Donation Partners

A huge thank you to AMARULA / DISTELL INTERNATIONAL for their ongoing support and for the proceeds to be received for the exciting new Khanyisa bottle of Amarula!

Many thanks once again to IZINDLOVU FUND for the proceeds received from the sale of the beautiful elephant sculptures created by François Vandenberghe.

Many thanks to IBHU/INDLOVU GIN for their ongoing support through the sale of specialised elephant dung gin.

Thank you to COCOON BEDDING for including us in your outreach efforts.

Thanks to DOWN TO THE WIRE for their continuing to donate a portion of the proceeds of their jewelry to HERD.

A huge thanks to ELESTRATION for the contributions from their beautiful drawings and passion for the cause.

Many thanks to ALEXANDRA MATTISSON for the support offered through the sale of her stories.


We are grateful to have received a generous bequest from HM GALLO.

1000 Hearts

Trunkfuls of thanks go to all of our 1000 Hearts donors for making the construction of the HERD orphanage a possibility and success! We wouldn’t be here today without you. Have a look at our Hearts HERE.

Adopt Parents

A massive thank you goes out to HERD’s new PLATINUM FOSTER PARENTS:

  • Maria Apostolidou
  • Stephen simpson
  • Ann Marie Marinaccio
  • Cathryn Gush
  • Mark and Joan Loebel

As well as to our one and only DIAMOND FOSTER PARENT:

  • Darylan Stratten

HERD Family

Our sincerest thanks, as always, go to our greater HERD family. Every donor, foster parent, wishlist and merchandise supporter is exceptionally appreciated!

We are also truly grateful to all social media followers. Every view, share, and comment helps us to carry out the work we do here at HERD and we could not do it without you!

Support HERD here: https://herd.org.za/donation/

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  1. It gives me such happiness to know that my mere existence is in one way helping this very special albino ellie.
    Every day I look forward to reading/watching about this special herd of 16 ellies. Khanyisa is usually the highlight of my day.
    Stay safe out there.
    God bless!!!

Help Save Our Vulnerable Gentle Giants

We rely on incredible people like you to keep us going. Every cent counts, and no contribution is too small. HERD relies on public funding to cover the operational costs to care for and support elephant orphans and the rescued herd, so we really appreciate your support.