A brand-new year invites hope, rejuvenation, and a chance to set aspirations for the year ahead. We have learnt so many life lessons from the herd over the past few years and hope their incredible personalities will inspire you too.

We hope they’ll help you to set your intentions for the year ahead, starting with four of the youngest members of the herd. They may be young, but they have so much to teach us.

Take a look at these affirmations, inspired by the qualities of the youngsters in the herd – the juvenile elephants, still discovering their paths in life.

Next up, let’s be inspired by the “teenagers” of the herd. We’ve watched these young elephants, allomothers and leaders in the making, grow and thrive with each passing year. They have taught us so much along the way and we can’t wait to watch them continue to shine in the years to come.

And onto the bulls of the Jabulani herd – they embody strength, bravery, protection, and above all, kindness. These special elephants take on the role of guardians and mentors to the younger members of the herd, ensuring that each of them grows to be well-rounded and confident.

Each and every member of the herd makes a unique contribution to the success of the group, showing just how powerful working together can be. We thank Jabulani for keeping us on our toes, Somopane for his mediation, Fishan for his gentleness, and Sebakwe for his bold leadership.

And finally for the glue that holds this herd together. Not much can rival the love and insight passed down from mothers, so who better to learn from than Tokwe, Lundi, Bubi, and Setombe?

As we wrap up HERD’s New Year Affirmations, we’re highlighting just a few of the qualities that make these cows incredible.

Which ele-lessons will you be taking forward with you this year?

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