Today is Thanksgiving in the USA and although this is not a holiday we celebrate here in South Africa, it is celebrated by many of our supporters. We therefore thought that today would be the perfect day to look back on the people and organisations that have helped us over the past few months. We are immensely grateful for the kindness and generosity of so many people. Without the help and support of others, we would not be able to care for the Jabulani herd, look after our environment, or contribute to the local community. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here for us.

This month, we would like to thank the people and organisations below for their recent and ongoing support.

Ongoing Ele-Champions

Thank you so much to all our donors, foster parents, followers, friends, and merchandise and wishlist supporters for your ongoing support, kindness, and contributions. You are all our elephant champions, and we are so grateful for your support and to have you on this beautiful journey with us!

Full Tummies and Warm Bodies

A big thank you to SOLEIL SITRUS for their continuous support and for donating 6.5 tonnes of oranges for the elephants.

A big thank you to THE PERFECT WORLD FOUNDATION for their donation towards Khanyisa’s milk feed.

Essential Daily Operations

Thank you to LETABA WIRELESS for their ongoing support with our orphanage internet and Wi-Fi.

Thank you to SILVERLAB for donating two Colloidal Silver Liquid bottles, two 500ml Healing Gel bottles, and two 500ml Healing Cream tubs to our elephants.

Special Projects

Thank you to the wonderful team at WARRIORS FOR AFRICA’S WILDLIFE for their amazing donation of another 38 Little Mhambi’s for HERD to sell, as well as a new bigger blanket for Khanyisa. Little Mhambi’s were sold in our online shop, with all proceeds going towards HERD Trust to help the elephants.

A big thank you to BRAND IQ for advertising us on their digital billboards from August to October and helping us to create awareness of HERD and elephant conservation.

Community Development Projects

A huge thank you to NTT TOYOTA HOEDSPRUIT for their ongoing support and donating 50% of the costs for the Nkosi Superbars each month. Nkosi Superbars are handed out three times a week to children in Grade R at Mpisi Primary School.

We would also like to thank PAINT POT TZANEEN for donating six 5L buckets of paint to our vegetable garden project at Mpisi Primary School.

Events – 947 Ride Joburg Cycle Race

A massive thank you to DHL, HOT SPOT CYCLES, INDLOVU GIN, NOMU, and PVM NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES for donating items for our 16 riders’ goodie bags!

Congratulations also to our HERD cycling team for finishing the 947 Ride Joburg race and a big thank you to everyone who donated towards the elephants in our care through the cyclists!

Special Donations

Thank you to Paul and Hazel for their generous donation towards HERD in November.

Thank you to THE PERFECT WORLD FOUNDATION for their donation towards our land project, which will help us to start planting various trees on the reserve.

Thank you to PERSONAL AFRICA for the kind donations towards our elephants.

Platinum Fosterings

Special thank you to our new and ongoing Platinum foster parents during July, August, September, October, and November:

Frederica, who fostered Khanyisa
Jill, who fostered Tokwe
Jim, who fostered Zindoga
Mark and Joan, who fostered Khanyisa
Stephan and Jacky, who fostered Fishan and Khanyisa on behalf of Rebecca
Tara, who fostered Khanyisa

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