From elephant trunks to elephant feet!

Episode two of our educational elephant behavioural series sees us taking a look at the elephant behaviour called “foot-swinging” as referenced by Elephant Behaviours. The behaviour of Foot-Swinging can be seen in five different contexts, as follows: Conflict & Confrontation; Movement, Space & Leadership; Vigilance; Ambivalent, and finally Attentive which is the context in which we are showcasing the behaviour in this video.

We would like to take this opportunity once again, to thank Elephant Voices for sharing all their research on their public platform called the Elephant Ethogram, which provides the world with all this incredible insight into elephant behaviours.

View the Elephant Ethogram by Elephant Voices here >

* Our elephant behaviour videos showcase various elephant behaviours through our video archives that feature a unique semi-habituated herd, called the Jabulani Herd. By making use of the information available on the Elephant Ethogram, a public platform created and shared freely by the team at Elephant Voices, we are showcasing some of the more commonly seen physical behaviours by sharing a few examples of individual behaviours in succession. All behaviours are always open to interpretation and based on numerous contributing factors which are taken into consideration. *

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