Welcome to Episode One of our Elephant Behaviours Series.

We would like to take this opportunity once again, to thank Elephant Voices for sharing all their research on their public platform called the Elephant Ethogram, which provides the world with all this incredible insight into elephant behaviours. In Episode 1, we take a look at a behaviour that has been labelled “Trunk-to-Mouth”. This behaviour can be observed in six different contexts of elephant behaviours, but in this particular episode, we are concentrating on one context, which is affiliative.

Each episode serves as a compilation of examples of a specific behaviour in one specific context. Each video aims to take a slow, steady look at the behaviour to help you identify movements independently, and hopefully, in time, to piece various behaviours together to understand the context.

All About Elephant Behaviour | An Introduction

We are excited to share this introduction and new series of HERD educational videos with you, our followers, and African elephant enthusiasts around the world. The aim of the series is to open the world of elephant behaviours to anyone and everyone who has an interest, and explain it in a very informal and easy-to-understand format. The information shared in our series is based on the “Elephant Ethogram”, a public platform that has been created by the remarkable team at Elephant Voices, following 50 years of dedicated elephant research, specialising in documenting and referencing elephant behaviours. Every day we learn something from the ethogram, and so, during our journey of discovery, we thought we would share some of the basics of elephant behaviours with you, our followers – so that you can observe elephants with a new understanding. We are using snippets of moments shared between the Jabulani herd, which is semi-habituated, but shares many of the same interactions and behaviours as wild elephants. The episodes will be shared every two weeks, and we will focus on one behaviour per episode.

Are you ready to know more about elephants? We hope you are! Please join us on this new journey together.

Use this link to view the Elephant Ethogram by Elephant Voices >

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