Today, we celebrate a special milestone in the life of our beloved Klaserie – her 17th birthday! We’re not just celebrating an age; we’re revelling in the affection, love, and endless trunk hugs that define Klaserie.

Early Adventures and Fun Facts

Klaserie was born on 23 February 2007, becoming the second calf born to the rescued herd. She owes her name to the Klaserie River, which flows through the beautiful landscapes of the reserve. Klaserie’s birth was a significant event, as elephants are deeply attuned to their environment and typically refrain from giving birth in stressful conditions. The birth indicated Setombe’s acceptance of the rescued herd’s new home.

Klaserie entered the world just six months after Limpopo, making the two almost like siblings in their shared early experiences. Or rather, like cousins, as the team often joked.

Klaserie and Limpopo’s friendship laid the foundation for Klaserie’s growth and development. Initially, the naturally confident Limpopo guided the more reserved Klaserie. Over time, Klaserie became a self-assured young elephant. She even became brave enough to explore on her own, and her habit of finding the quickest routes home led the carers to give her the nickname ‘Shortcut Klaserie’.

Eight months after Klaserie’s birth, Zindoga was born. And so the duo became a trio. Klaserie flourished in the company of her friends. The trio’s curiosity knew no bounds, and each day brought new adventures and lessons. They explored the wonders of their surroundings under the watchful eyes of their mothers.

An Easygoing Nature and Elephant Hugs Galore

Klaserie’s personality is much like the river she’s named after – easygoing and untroubled. She moves through life with a calm and unhurried grace that’s truly her own. Her relaxed nature allows her to navigate the complexities of elephant life with confidence. Imagine the relaxed flow of a river making its way through diverse landscapes, adapting effortlessly to whatever comes its way – that’s Klaserie’s approach to life.

But what truly sets Klaserie apart is her boundless affection, particularly towards the younger members of the herd. She has a special place in her heart for the calves. And when it comes to spreading love, she’s always ready to give out trunk hugs! Khanyisa, in particular, has been on the receiving end of many of Klaserie’s trunk hugs – sometimes to the calf’s dismay. Though she may sometimes be a bit overwhelming in her affection, Klaserie is always full of love.

Family Connections

Klaserie’s connection with her mom, Setombe, is nothing short of heartwarming. Despite growing into an independent elephant, Klaserie’s bond with her mother remains unbreakable. Setombe may not be the boldest in the herd, but her constant support and maternal guidance have undoubtedly left a lasting imprint on Klaserie. She shaped Klaserie into the sweet and friendly elephant she is today. And as Klaserie continues to grow, her mother’s influence remains a steady anchor.

A New Calf, A New Adventure

With Phabeni’s introduction to the herd, there are hints of a potential shift in maternal roles in the near future. Setombe has, to our surprise, shown immense interest in little Phabeni, to the extent that we believe she may be considering taking on the role of his adoptive mother. This potential adoption brings forth intriguing possibilities for the herd dynamics, especially for Klaserie and her relationship with Setombe.

While Klaserie’s bond with her mother is undoubtedly strong, the addition of a new member to the family could bring about changes in their dynamic. Klaserie’s reaction to Setombe taking on a nurturing role for Phabeni will be fascinating to observe. Setombe’s potential new role could mean a redistribution of attention and guidance, leading Klaserie to discover more independence within the herd. Will Klaserie embrace the new familial structure with open arms, continuing to learn and grow under the guidance of her mother? Or will there be a period of adjustment as the dynamics within the herd find a new equilibrium? One thing is certain – this new year of Klaserie’s life promises lots of changes and new experiences.

Happy 17th birthday, Klaserie!

Join the Celebration

As we mark Klaserie’s 17th birthday, we invite you to become a vital part of her journey by adopting her. Your decision to adopt Klaserie not only celebrates this special milestone but also plays a crucial role in ensuring her ongoing care and happiness. Make a difference in Klaserie’s life – adopt her here: Klaserie | HERD

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