This is a story we will be keeping a close watch on!

Not only has a female in the wild elephant herd in our reserve recently had twin calves, but the wild albino cow has also had a new baby. It’s baby season and the little elephants are loyally following after their mothers, for essential milk and protection, as they grow and learn the elephant ways.

Elephant twins are extremely rare and make up less than 1% of elephant births worldwide. Twins often do not survive as they are most times stillborn or are too weak to make it. We are so grateful to see that these two little ones are thriving happily beside Mom. Thanks to Jabulani lodge ranger, Jason Botes who filmed these scenes for us!

Above: The wild albino cow and her newborn baby | Below: The new twins born to another wild cow

Images: Jason Botes at Jabulani

Watch this: An Amazing Encounter Between Adine & the Wild Albino Elephant and Her Herd

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