An Amazing Journey of Weigh-ins for Baby Elephant Khanyisa!

As we celebrate KHANYISA’S ONE TONNE milestone, we invite you to take a look back at some very special weigh-in moments! Khanyisa started at the orphanage weighing around 124 kilograms and quickly worked her way up. There were moments in between that scared us as she dropped weight with every bout of diarrhea or illness. There’s little as terrifying as watching a young calf in your care become fragile and weak. But Khanyisa pulled through with the best team around her, and incredible help from our vets and experts. Her weight rose again and her spirits would lift to show us she was a fighter! She has continued to grow with great speed since graduating from the orphanage and joining the homestead full time, adapting beautifully to this new stage. Now at over one tonne in weight, we don’t think we’ll be able to continue weighing her since our scale is meant to only read up until 1000 kilograms. So let’s enjoy this look back at Khanyisa’s happy weigh-ins, with the team and Lammie and Nungu!

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