Elephant Grooming with Jabulani & A Walk with Baby Khanyisa & the Herd — PART 1

We start this new day at the waterhole, having left the homestead and orphanage and stopping by the dam for a drink. It’s early in the morning but the elephants and Carers are on the move and going about the day in their own way — Jabulani chooses the slower approach, starting with a thorough grooming session on the elephants’ favourite rock. Few elephants can walk past it without rubbing against it for a quick scratch or enjoying a trunk stretch against the tall tree stumps. The elephants disappear like water through a stream into the wild bush, enjoying the grass and leaves all around them. Khanyisa is followed by allomother Bubi and Limpopo offers her babysitting services too. We’ll be sharing a long beautiful traipse with the whole herd to give you time to become more and more acquainted with all the different members of the herd – males, females, young and old. Somopane makes quite an appearance enjoying his own rock-rub and Tokwe helps lead Khanyisa through the vegetation, with everyone keeping close together as they head to the dam for a midday swim. Join us for the next part of this walk with the elephants tomorrow!

Trunk Flicks & Stretches with Khanyisa and the Elephant Herd on their Wild Walk | PART 2

We’re back on foot and out with the herd, heading through the wilderness for a stop at the waterhole. En route Khanyisa and the elephants enjoy trunkfuls of branches and leaves from the surrounding bush, constantly ensuring they get their high food and energy needs. Albino calf, Khanyisa follows after Matriarch Tokwe’s big feet, always safe with the older females close by. Khanyisa soon gets led astray and follows after allomother, Bubi, with Lundi hot on her tail. Fishan weaves between the elephants and joins up on the path, with his friend Bubi joining him too. Bubi is known for her beautiful long eyelashes and Adine jokes that Fishan must think Bubi is beautiful too, to explain why he likes her company so much. Limpopo and Sebakwe both enjoy trunk stretches to reach the highest branches on the trees around them. Zindoga gets a nudge from Fishan’s tusks as Fishan exerts his prowess and status in the herd over the younger bull. Khanyisa gets ear hole tickles from Adine and keeps up beautifully with her elephant family! Join us tomorrow for PART 3!

Baby Elephant Khanyisa, Adine the Tree Drone & Owen the Mushroom Seeker | PART 3

Catch up with Khanyisa and the herd on this third and final part of a walk with the elephants! Adine tries to encourage Khanyisa to eat the bark from a nice small branch left by the bigger elephants but Khanyisa only cares for the grass! She meets up with Fishan who stays close to the youngsters, helping matriarch Tokwe with guardian duties. Little Khanyisa ambles around Bubi and Tokwe and joins up with her friend, Timisa to graze side by side in the bush. The elephants all spread out to forage, and Bubi joins her son, Zindoga whole Adine plays “tree drone” while filming from up high. Carer Owen gives us a mushroom lesson as we take a closer look at the small details of the wilderness! Thank you for joining us on this walk of discovery and joy!

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  1. I have loved her since you first got her into rehab. Her injuries were gut-wretching to me. I want to continue with Kyanisia as I know her milk several times a day, plus meds and vitamins are very expensive. The loving animal she has become makes it all worth it. Wish I could give more. Love to all, Linda Cranmer, MI.

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