Wisdom 08 – Embrace the little joys in life.



When Khanyisa was rescued and brought to her herd in January 2020, her journey of rehabilitation meant that our care team had to see to her very severe physical wounds caused by the snare but also the emotional wounds and trauma she had been through. Showing her the little joys of life for a baby elephant was vital and a big part of the role of our care team. Sand baths, water splashes, grass rubs, muddy wallows, chases, head buts, tyre games, lucerne bag wrestling… all of these simple pleasures helped to stimulate Khanyisa and give her a sense of comfort, belonging, and positivity to help her rise and heal. She loved water from the very beginning and thoroughly enjoyed splashing about in her water trough in the orphanage garden!

This new HERD Wisdom was created by our incredible artist collaborator, Maryke Vosloo who is based in South Africa. All proceeds from the sale of these items go to HERD Trust.

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