Wisdom 20 – Where there is love, there is healing.



Inspiration for you from our next HERD WISDOM 🌟 with Nungu, Lammie and Khanyisa shining a light on love and its power to heal the heart, body and spirit. The companionship and commitment that our surrogate sheep gave to Khanyisa when she was at the orphanage was exemplary, constant, unwavering, kind, loving, joyful, peaceful… Sometimes love is quiet, sometimes it’s wild and exciting. Lammie and Nungu showered Khanyisa in their hearts’ compassion and helped her to heal and grow, standing in for her elephant family until she was able to join the herd full time.


Thank you to @marykeart for this beautiful artwork and helping us to share our HERD motivations and affirmations with the world through inspiring imagery.

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