Wisdom 01 – Every elephant needs a herd.



The Wisdom of Elephants

This year has taught us so many things! So many of the lessons we’ve received have been from the elephants, through rescuing and rehabilitating little albino orphan, Khanyisa and integrating her successfully into one special family: the Jabulani herd.

There have been lessons in perseverance, teamwork, optimism, compassion, strength, courage, family, friendship, loyalty, independence, integrity, confidence and so much more. Values that both the elephants, Lammie and our carers, vets, experts, fosters and supporters have shown us.

We are collaborating with a talented South African female artist, Maryke Vosloo, to bring you a look at the wisdoms we’ve gathered and cherished this year, wisdoms shown through memorable moments with Khanyisa, Lammie and the herd!

To start it off, we bring you the wisdom that drives us and inspires us: Every elephant needs a herd.

Thank you for the lessons, friends far and wise (and wide).

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