Little Mhambi



Handmade in South Africa, Mhambi’s home is Jabulani Safari, where she lives alongside the wild animals of a private and protected wilderness as well as her elephant family, the rescued Jabulani herd. While her herd roam, forage, swim and bond in the reserve each day, Mhambi is a traveller at heart. Even her name, the Zulu word for “traveller”, hints to her exploratory nature.

Mhambi is on a journey to spread the message of her herd, orphans who have been given a second chance at a family of their own, and the vital work of elephant conservation at an elephant orphanage in South Africa, known as HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development).

A limited edition of Little Mhambi’s were handmade by Warriors for Africa Wildlife team and donated to HERD, to spread the message of elephant conservation. All proceeds of sales will go towards the operational costs at HERD.

Please note: no two Little Mhambi’s will look the same and the colours are also ad hoc.


Orders form anywhere except South Africa are shipped from South Africa Worldwide with DHL Express.

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