Ellie Lundi and Khanyisa Necklace



Celebrate love with Lundi and Khanyisa on a necklace

Lundi’s bond with her adopted little albino elephant calf, Khanyisa, is truly special and one that has warmed the hearts of people around the world. This brave and nurturing female elder in the rescued Jabulani herd took Khanyisa in as their own, and helped to heal the calf of her trauma as a snare victim. Lundi continues to teach “Sunshine” the ways of the elephant world and to lead and protect her throughout their days in the wilderness together. Khanyisa follows after her new mother’s tail constantly, as this connection proves to be a lasting bond to see the orphan through her second chance at life with a herd.


All proceeds go towards HERD Trust to keep caring for the elephants.


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