Precious Lundi, with her kind motherly touch, calm nature, was born in approximately 1989. She is one of the original elephants that were rescued from Zimbabwe. During the turmoil of the situation there, she bonded with Tokwe, and the two have remained inseparable ever since.

In 2020, Lundi took on the adoptive mother role to Khanyisa, a rescued albino calf, and is extremely protective, patient and kind with her.

Lundi is very loving and always keeps an eye on all of the youngsters when out foraging. Her approach is calm, but strict if any of them cross the line. If there is mud to wallow in, Lundi is the first one in, and she loves to eat!

The perforations in her right ear make Lundi one of the easiest elephants in the herd to identify, though no one knows how she got them, they were there prior to her rescue as a young calf in Zimbabwe. She is of medium height, quite widely framed and has fairly short tusks, with her right one being slightly lower than her left one.

Mambo, her only son, was a handful growing up, but Lundi is very attached to him, even though he is a thriving young bull now. But Lundi continues to show plenty of love for him and for little Khanyisa.