About Limpopo


As the daughter of the herd’s Matriarch, Tokwe, Limpopo is protective and intelligent. Named after a river in Zimbabwe and a province in South Africa, Limpopo came into the world in August 2006. She was the first calf born to the Jabulani herd and while we know who her mother is, we can only guess who the father may be – possibly Sebakwe or a wild elephant.

Her birth was an emotional time, as elephants are known to not reproduce if they are under stress or in an unhappy environment. Her birth showed that Tokwe was happy and at home in her new surroundings, after being rescued from being culled in Zimbabwe.


You can see Limpopo’s resemblance to her mother, with her slightly less wrinkled skin, slightly pointed forehead, and thin, neat and even tusks. Being an active elephant, much like her mother, Limpopo also has a more athletic body shape.

Limpopo is the eldest of the younger elephants and is very much the big sister of the herd, always protective and tending to the younger elephants – a trait she may well have learned from her caring mother.

She is an intelligent and beautiful young female, very aware of the other elephants’ emotions. Whenever the elephants encounter dangerous animals on the reserve, such as lions, she is one of the first of the herd to react protectively. She is her mother’s biggest fan, always backing her up and giving her daughterly support and help with the younger elephants.