Khanyisa - Then and Now - 10 Weeks since being rescued.

March 20, 2020

It has been just over ten weeks since Khanyisa's unfathomable nightmare came to an end when she was rescued from a horrendous snare, and her journey to recovery at HERD began, surrounded by lots of care and love.

Khanyisa when she was found January 7th versus Khanyisa March 19th.

Her wounds have proven to be the greatest challenge of her rehabilitation thus far. The snare that she was trapped in had gorged so deeply into mouth, cheeks, neck and the back of her ears, slicing the top section of her right ear.

Khanyisa's right ear January(left) to March (right)

At first, we treated the wounds to combat infection for some time, until such time, we were happy to stitch her cheeks as well as her right ear. Throughout this time, we ensured that her wounds had been kept at clean as possible, while still allowing her moments to be a baby elephant and enjoying the elements of nature that she adores.

Recently we started a new stem cell treatment which has helped the wounds heal further as you can see from these recent photos shown in comparison to her injuries in January.

Khanyisa - albino-elephant - back of neck then and now
January to March - Khanyisa's wounds from the snare that wrapped itself around her neck

The stem cell treatment is a skin-restoring serum that combines plant-derived stem cells cultivated from Argan tree and Comfrey roots, which help to regenerate dry and damaged skin. With a natural extract from the aerial part of Onopordum Acanthium, they help to increase skin turnover.

January to March - the healing process of Khanyisa's cheek and wounds from the snare

Adine and our team are delighted with her progress and the results of this next stage of treatment.

Khanyisa has also started venturing into the Jabulani Herd stables during the day, while they are out in the wildlife reserve foraging. Doing this allows her to become more familiar with her surroundings and her future family's scents as well as giving her excellent exercise, venturing further each day.

We rely on funding to cover our operational costs as well as the high costs of Khanyisa's care. If you would like to contribute, please consider donating to HERD or fostering Khanyisa. We would be forever grateful!

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